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Research has shown that 73% more visitors who watch product videos make a purchase. When polled, consumers say they need to feel like they understand your product before making a purchase, and video has consistently shown to be the best way of clearing up buyer confusion.

Almost 50% of people cite “my products won’t look the same when they arrive” as their biggest concern when shopping online, this is why a quality product video is virtually guaranteed to boost sales.

Video shows your product from all angles, in action, alleviating your visitors concerns and persuading them to make a purchase.

Your product images and video are the only thing a buyer gets to see to evaluate what they will receive in their hands before they buy, making the quality of your media the most important aspect to your success.

Product Video

Amazon product video sample (Video Package with VO), watch in 4K for best experience:

Why use our services?

  • You’ll be dealing with a passionate creator directly, compared to large production companies which operate on a “business first” mentality.
  • Low overhead = Better pricing. Our operation is small, by design. With modern cameras and technology we are able to produce photo/video content that would have needed much more elaborate sets and crew just a few years ago.
  • Flexibility. As mentioned, running a small operation allows us to tackle a full range of small to big projects, whether you need a simple product video/photo package or have a big creative endeavor in mind.
  • Keeping up with modern developments. The benefit of being a small shop is the ability to keep up with modern technological and creative developments. There are always new trends going viral, it is much easier to stay up to date as a small entity as opposed to a large production house.

Our pricing structure is simple and straightforward, we use a base rate for standard video/photo packages (detailed pricing below) and offer custom packages beyond anything not included in the standard packages.

We also offer full service package deals for complete sets of images + video of your choice.



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Base Product Video PackageSimple 4K product video with your choice of style & setting as shown above with music, editing, effects, slide shots, without voice-over. (Hand model included)$ 499
$ 999
Product Video Package with VOIncludes everything from base video package but with added voice-over using your script, and your choice of voice style, gender, mood, tone etc.$ 625
$ 1,250
Base Photo Package6 Amazon (or other eCommerce) ready high quality, high resolution images on pure white background (4000 x 4000 px)$ 390
Full Photo PackageIncludes everything from base photo package but with added lifestyle images (hand model included) and infographics (see gallery below). $ 600
Full Service PackageIncludes everything above (Video with VO + Full Photo Package) with the addition of lifestyle shots (hand model included) and infographics (see gallery below).$ 875
$ 1,750
Additional ServicesLifestyle photo/video with or without models/actors, specialty sets, specific location types etc.Contact for quote
Pricing is subject to change

Custom packages are available based on your specific company/brand needs, including models/actors, lifestyle imagery, demo showcases etc. Please select “Custom Order Inquiry” from drop-down menu for details and a quote.

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About me

I am an experienced photographer & videographer based in St. Louis MO, specializing in exceptional product digitals with a simple and affordable pricing structure.

With extensive experience in online marketing and sales, I am able to offer more than mere photos & video of your products, but help you catch your customers eye and allow them to see the quality in your products and establish trust in your brand.

Levi Coult